Saturday, January 31, 2015


January 30th, 2015

A sharper pattern than I've drawn in a while, and an undone pattern, too. (An assortment of unfinished sections.)
(This is purposeful, though.) Not a favourite, but I like some of the work on my forefinger.

I damaged some nerves in my back: not in horrifying serious way, but enough that I am unable to do things. Just lying in bed and lying in bed and lying in bed. And, last night, listening to the fifty most-listened-to songs on my iTunes, which is a strange and nostalgia-heavy pleasure. A deeply frustrating epiphenomenon, but the music is good, and drawing on my hand is good, and delighting in the odd and unpretty bumps and shapes of my hand is good. Just seeing a hand as a funny new thing, and not as a feature I abhor. (I hate my hands and I bless them, so on.)

- - - 

Two of the fifty (currently fourteen and seventeen, though good cut
through fifteen and sixteen and heard together).