Thursday, April 26, 2012

Break Away.


April 26th, 2012, Thursday

Ah! What is this pattern! Only the Lord knows; I just kept on drawing, hoping it would makes its way to a better state. No such luck. I am a little frustrated by it, because not only is it weird + crazy + ugly in a non-interesting way, it is also quite a pedestrian pattern: as I said in my last post, this line-y pattern is all I've really been drawing recently. I can't break away, I can't say goodbye. Which is ridiculous. Expect something mind-blowing(ish) next time. I'm going to branch out, even if it just means drawing more circles+circles+circles+circles. No more muscular lines.

My hand, in these photos, was photographed in front of a photo from this post,
which is a favourite of mine.


My nail varnish is the same as in the last post: Turquoise from Barry M (lighter shade) and Aruba Blue from Essie (darker shade) (duh).


In musical news, have you ever visited the music section on the i-D website? If you are even moderately cool (ergo, the antithesis of this one trick pony), you probably have and are probably scoffing at me, but if not, check it out! There are some really excellent playlists, like this one...

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