Monday, January 09, 2012

Tilting At Windmills.

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January 8th, 2012, Sunday

Two days ago, I did something that required me to cut my nails very short. I hate having my fingernails flush to my fingertips. It hurts the skin around the nail. (I'm not sure why. Perhaps I am just in the habit of beating my fingertips against things.) With short nails, typing is tricky. Tying shoelaces is tricky. Using my phone is tricky. Getting a good hold on a pen is tricky. Scratching an itch is impossible. However, the thing that required me to cut my nails short was on my list of new year's resolutions and it was wonderful being able to cross it off.

The nail varnish I am wearing on my masculine nails is Barry M's Foil Effects Nail Paint (there's free shipping on ASOS, but the purple version is only available here on the Barry M website). I ordered some clothing from ASOS when I bought this varnish and have returned it all, bar this. This is a little silly, as I'm not exactly thrilled with this nail varnish (I would have preferred it to be a little more yellow, though it does only need one coat). It was just the best of a bad bunch.


Two classics...

This version of 'Mad Rush' isn't the full thirteen-ish minutes, but
it was the longest I could find + it's still delicious.

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