Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Swim Back.

January 13th, 2012, Friday

I crossed another item off of my new year's resolutions list yesterday. It was one of the more important ones. It is also my birthday in two days time. I am in a nice place of in-between: I am post-stress, pre-excitement. And how do I fill this in-between time? I paint my nails and draw a pattern. (How wild.)

Today's pattern reminds me of the sea. Perhaps it is the pattern or perhaps it is the nail varnish or perhaps it is the combination of the two, but I can't help but think of Shirley Hughes' book Enchantment In The Garden when I look at my hand. The illustrations in that book are phenomenal. Of course, every Shirley Hughes book is exceptional, but the illustrations and story of Enchantment In The Garden seemed, to a young me, like part of a dream. I highly recommend that you find a copy and gobble it up with your eyes.

The nail varnish I am wearing is from the Sephora for OPI collection and it is the colour Teal We Meet Again. My endlessly lovely sister bought it while in Canada and gave it to me for Christmas. Can that girl get any better? Not that you'd know, but, no, she really, really can't.

[It feels quite sleazy linking to something I was given as a gift, but I feel like I've phoned it in if I don't provide adequate links. Also: gee whiz, do I ever wish Sephora was in the UK; how beautiful are these eyeshadows?]


An excellent song from an excellent film (the film that provided the title of this post).
I don't think the soundtrack is actually made any more, but you can still buy it second hand, like I did.

The music over here has all been rather piano-y of late. (Am I going through a phase?)
Something different will probably be featured soon, though, so don't worry if your ears
are weeping because of all these soundtracks.

Though, a warning, the Old Boy soundtrack is on its way to me, so you might have to
wait a little while for something less filmic. Or you could just not listen to what I post.
Would you just look at all of your options!

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