Thursday, November 24, 2011

These Crepuscular Fingers.


November 24th, 2011, Thursday

The somewhat snake-y pattern here was partially inspired by the video for Chapel Club's Surfacing. I re-discovered this song on my iTunes (I'm still rigidly staving off buying music willy nilly. And I am hating it. But it is forcing me to scroll through what I do already have) and I'm enamoured of it all over again.

I used this nail varnish for the first time yesterday and I threw it in the bin today. Not a great track record. It's not so obvious in the photos, but it is horrible. I'm kinda loving up the colour, but there are lots of tiny bubbles just under the surface and it took three coats (three really, really sticky, gloopy coats) to render it even mildly opaque. Luckily it wasn't expensive (£1.79 here but, seriously, heed my warning) though I am now yellow-nail-vanish-less. If you have any recommendations, please shoot 'em my way. This girl'd be grateful.

I'm loving this pair of mildly intense songs tonight...

Jeez louise, my neighbour's cat found its way into the house the other night and now it meows every night wanting to come back in. I have no patience for it, whatsoever. It is too presumptuous.

(It's Christmas one month tomorrow! Such excitement.)

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